Year 1 – Time to rhyme!

This week Year 1 have been learning about poetry. In connection with our new topic on weather, we decided to look at different weather poems.

We talked about what a poem was and about some of the features they use. Lots of the children thought that poems needed to rhyme but we discovered that in fact they don’t!

We have been extremely busy this week as we have written our very own repeating weather poems and looked at rhyming words which we then used to create funny rhyming sentences!

img_3715 img_3716 img_3717 img_3718 img_3719 img_3720 img_3721 img_3723 img_3724 img_3725 img_3726 img_3727 img_3728 img_3729 img_3730 img_3731 img_3732 img_3733

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