Amazing Invisibility Cloaks  in Year 1

Amazing Invisibility Cloaks in Year 1

Year 1 have been learning about our school green screen. The children and Mr Patterson thought it would be exciting to design our very own invisibility cloaks and see if we could use them to disguise ourselves.


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  1. Hello Miss O’Sullivan. What have you been up to this week? I have been playing in the garden and made up a maths game and I have been playing on my swing with my little sister. I have been working hard on my school tasks. My mam has been giving me lots of ticks and stamps.
    I miss you lots!
    Love from Niamh Spoors x

    • Hi Niamh!
      I have been in school, it is not the same without everybody!
      I’m glad you are working so hard. Keep up the fantastic work Niamh 🙂
      Enjoy the lovely days in the sunshine. I am missing you lots.
      Hopefully we will be back at school soon.
      Miss O’Sullivan 🙂

  2. Hello Miss O’Sullivan,

    What have you been doing today?
    I have been on a bug hunt and found a giant woodlouse, a sloppy worm, seven scary spiders and seven horrible snails.
    I am going on houseparty with my friends.
    I miss you so much!
    Tons of love JJ.

    • Hi JJ!
      Today I have been in school doing the bug hunt myself! Sounds like you had a fantastic bug hunt. I only found a woodlouse and a worm!
      What a fantastic way to stay in touch with your friends.
      I hope you are being just as fantastic at home!
      I miss you lots. Hopefully we’ll be all back in school soon.
      Miss O’Sullivan 🙂

  3. Hi Miss O’Sullivan,
    I have been very busy with my school work but also playing lots of football. My sister and I are building a bug hotel and collecting lots of sticks to make it strong. I have been playing cards at home. We like to play Dobble.
    I miss you and all my friends,
    From Teddy xx

    • Hi Teddy,
      I wouldn’t of expected anything less than lots of football! The bug hotel sounds brilliant! You’ll have to take pictures, I would love to see it 🙂 I miss you. Hopefully we will be all back together soon.
      Miss O’Sullivan

  4. Hi Miss O’Sullivan,
    I miss you. I am enjoying doing the work you have set, I sent my pirate message to Niamh, I’ve also been making slime out of cornflour and water. I’ve been playing in the garden and have been drawing rainbows with chalk. Have a lovely Easter holiday.
    Love from Sophia xxxxxxxxxxxxx

    • Hi Sophia,
      I’m so glad you’ve enjoyed the work. I bet Niamh loved your message! Keep enjoying the sunshine and having fun ☺️☀️ I love making slime – messy work!! Hope you had a fantastic Easter! Miss you, love Miss O’Sullivan x

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