Controlling a floor turtle

As part of our ICT topic, ‘Controlling a floor turtle’, we have been learning the importance of entering correct instructions before pressing ‘enter’ otherwise the floor turtle will not go where expected to go.  We proved this point by setting up the classroom as an island for the Beebot to escape through.  Of course there were hazards on the way, including deadly seaweed, a chair guarding the giant (which was kindly played by Thomas) and a rug made of slimy water.  It took a long time to program the Beebot to get from one side of the trail to the end without hitting any objects.  We definitely learned the importance of thinking carefully about the instructions that we program.  We were also reminded of the importance of pressing ‘clear’ before programming a new set of instructions!

2012-02-02-E 2012-02-02-D 2012-02-02-C 2012-02-02-B 2012-02-02-A

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