Florence Nightingale Artefacts Box

Year 2 were very lucky to borrow a very special box from a local museum filled with Florence Nightingale artefacts. The children were all very excited to open the box and unwrap the artefacts. They were very good at guessing what the items were and what Florence would have used them for …

DSCN4957 DSCN4954 DSCN4953 DSCN4952 DSCN4951 DSCN4946 DSCN4947 DSCN4948 DSCN4949 DSCN4950 DSCN4944 DSCN4943 DSCN4942 DSCN4941 DSCN4940 DSCN4933 DSCN4934 DSCN4936 DSCN4937 DSCN4938 DSCN4932 DSCN4931 DSCN4929 DSCN4928 DSCN4926 DSCN4919 DSCN4920 DSCN4921 DSCN4923 DSCN4924 DSCN4917 DSCN4916 DSCN4915 DSCN4913 DSCN4912

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