Maunday Thursday

The children in Year 2 listened to and watched the story of Maunday Thursday. They watched the film of Jesus washing the disciples feet and then sharing their last meal together.

The children were encouraged to think about how the disciples felt when Jesus washed their feet and why they were so shocked. They all understood that Jesus did this to teach us a lesson about treating everyone the same. We know we need to treat others as we would like to be treated.

DSCN5134 DSCN5135 DSCN5136 DSCN5137

The children then read about the Last supper and recalled the Last Supper meal that we shared together in our previous RE Thanksgiving topic …

DSCN3872 DSCN3869 DSCN3865 DSCN3861 DSCN3856 DSCN3843

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