Year 2 find out about seaside holidays …

Year 2 thought very carefully about questions to ask Mrs Ibbetson (Mrs Jordan’s mum) and Mr Eley (Mrs Gourley’s dad) to find out about seaside holidays in the past.

DSCN6373 DSCN6374  DSCN6377 DSCN6378 DSCN6380 DSCN6383

The children then thoroughly enjoyed asking their questions when Mrs Ibbetson and Mr Eley came into school. They discovered lots!

DSCN6384 DSCN6386 DSCN6387 DSCN6388 DSCN6391 DSCN6394 DSCN6395 DSCN6400 DSCN6401 DSCN6402 DSCN6403 DSCN6404 DSCN6412 DSCN6415 DSCN6416 DSCN6423 DSCN6424 DSCN6425

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