Creation Walk

Year 2 went for a walk in our school garden. They were looking for all the things God had created. In groups the children made a list of these things on whiteboards.

DSCN7027 DSCN7034 DSCN7035 DSCN7036 DSCN7038 DSCN7040 DSCN7041 DSCN7042 DSCN7043 DSCN7046 DSCN7051 DSCN7054

Back in class the children made a creation poster in groups and then we ended the lesson with a collective worship thanks God for all he had created.

DSCN7056 DSCN7062 DSCN7063 DSCN7064 DSCN7066 DSCN7067 DSCN7068 DSCN7070 DSCN7074 DSCN7080 DSCN7081 DSCN7084 DSCN7085

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