A nurse visits Year 2

Year 2 welcomed a nurse into their class today, Mrs Pentland. Mrs Pentland is a children’s nurse in the RVI hospital in Newcastle.

The children began by thinking about lots of questions to ask Mrs Pentland when she visited us.

DSCN9019 DSCN9022 DSCN9023 DSCN9026 DSCN9029 DSCN9033 DSCN9034 DSCN9036

When Mrs Pentland visited today, the children were able to find out lots information and facts about what it’s like to be a nurse. They children were then able to compare nurses today to nurses in the time of Florence Nightingale.

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  1. Fab photos, so pleased the children enjoyed it. I enjoyed it too, love the chose of music on video. The children were all very enthusiastic and well behaved.

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