Nurse Visit – Year 2

Year 2 welcomed Mrs Pentland this morning. She came to tellĀ us all about nursing today.

Mrs Pentlland told us about her job as a children’s nurse in the RVI hospital in Newcastle. The children had great fun and learnt lots. Take a look at this short film of the highlights of their morning …

5 Responses to Nurse Visit – Year 2

  1. I enjoyed Mrs. PentlandĀ“s visit. The best part was seeing the x-ray and what it is like inside your body. I think nursing is important because it makes sick people better and healthy again. Mrs. Pentland taught us lots of important things such as how to use a stethoscope to listen to your heart and the different uniforms that nurses use.

  2. I loved it when Mrs Pentland told us about being a nurse. I learned about nurses uniforms . The best part was when she showed us the x-ray.

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