Florence Nightingale in the style of Paul Klee

Year 2 have been looking at the work of the famous Swiss artist Paul Klee. The children have identified that Paul Klee loved to use colour in all of his work. They also noticed that on many paintings it looked like he used to take his “pencil for a walk”.

Year 2 decided to use his love of colour and drew a picture of Florence Nightingale. They then took their pencil for a walk and filled the spaces with a mixture of warm and cold colours using oil pastels.

DSCN9216 DSCN9217 DSCN9219 DSCN9221 DSCN9223 DSCN9226 DSCN9227 DSCN9229 DSCN9230 DSCN9231 DSCN9233 DSCN9235 DSCN9236 DSCN9237 DSCN9239 DSCN9244 DSCN9246 DSCN9249 DSCN9250 DSCN9251 DSCN9252 DSCN9254 DSCN9255 DSCN9259 DSCN9260 DSCN9262 DSCN9265

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