Florence Nightingale Lamps

Year 2 have loved making their Florence Nightingale lamps this week.

They began by tea staining some thick white paper. Once this had dried the children carefully folded their paper forwards and backwards to make a concertina. They then chose with silver or gold card to stick along the top and the bottom.. The edges were stapled together and then a handle was attached on the top.

DSCN9367 DSCN9368 DSCN9370 DSCN9372 DSCN9373 DSCN9374 DSCN9375 DSCN9376 DSCN9379 DSCN9380 DSCN9381 DSCN9383 DSCN9385 DSCN9388 DSCN9389

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