Fairtrade – Adding Money Values

Year 2 have been rehearsing their partitioning skills in mathematics by adding money values. This was completed during Fairtrade Fortnight when the children had been looking at the purpose of Fairtrade and many Fairtrade products.

DSCN9401 DSCN9402 DSCN9403 DSCN9404 DSCN9406 DSCN9407 DSCN9408 DSCN9410 DSCN9412 DSCN9413 DSCN9416 DSCN9417 DSCN9419 DSCN9420 DSCN9421 DSCN9422 DSCN9423 DSCN9424 DSCN9426 DSCN9427


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