Halving and Quartering Numbers

Year 2 have been working very hard on fractions this week. The children began by looking at halves and quarters of shapes.

The children then thought of ways of finding half of a number. They realised that it had to be split into two equally. Many children were very quick at identifying that this is the opposite to doubling.

DSCN9632 DSCN9633 DSCN9634 DSCN9635 DSCN9636 DSCN9637 DSCN9639 DSCN9640

Following this the children were then set the challenge of calculating a quarter of a number. They remembered how they had to half a shape and then half it again to find a quarter, therefore they were quickly able to do this with numbers. The children found that having their plate split into quarters helped …

DSCN9643 DSCN9644 DSCN9648 DSCN9650 DSCN9652 DSCN9655 DSCN9656 DSCN9657 DSCN9660 DSCN9662 DSCN9663 DSCN9673

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