Holiday Locations

Year 2 have been looking at countries they have visited on holiday. We began by looking at a map of the world and trying to remember the names of the 7 continents. The children impressed Mrs Gourley and Mrs Humble and could name them all!

DSCN6164 DSCN6165 DSCN6166 DSCN6167

The children then really enjoyed looking at an Atlas today to locate some countries they have visited on their holidays.

DSCN6171 DSCN6172 DSCN6173 DSCN6175 DSCN6176 DSCN6179 DSCN6180 DSCN6181 DSCN6182 DSCN6183 DSCN6185 DSCN6186 DSCN6187 DSCN6191

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