Organism Hunt

In science year 2 have been learning about organisms. The children know that an organism is a living being which lives and grows. They know that organisms need air, food, water, space and shelter. The children have enjoyed looking for living organisms in our school garden. They found lots; grass, daisy,buttercup, worm, woodlice, fly, wasp, tree, rosebush, hedge, birds, magpie, people and ants.

DSCN6583 DSCN6584 DSCN6587 DSCN6588 DSCN6594 DSCN6597 DSCN6601 DSCN6605 DSCN6606 DSCN6607 DSCN6609 DSCN6611 DSCN6613 DSCN6615 DSCN6616 DSCN6618 DSCN6621 DSCN6622 DSCN6623 DSCN6625 DSCN6626 DSCN6632 DSCN6637 DSCN6640 DSCN6650 DSCN6653


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