Through our topic work on Seaside holidays in the past, Year 2 have been learning about Punch and Judy shows. The children then designed their own sock puppets and made them. They had great fun!

We are all very impressed with the finished results!

DSCN6928 DSCN6931 DSCN6933 DSCN6938 DSCN6939 DSCN6941 DSCN6942 DSCN6946 DSCN6950 DSCN6956 DSCN6958 DSCN6959 DSCN6960 DSCN6962 DSCN6963 DSCN6964 DSCN6966 DSCN6986 DSCN6987 DSCN6988 DSCN6990 DSCN6992 DSCN6993 DSCN6994 DSCN6996 DSCN6997

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