The Life of A Butterfly!

In science we have been learning about life cycles. We learnt all about a butterfly. It turns from an egg into a caterpillar and then wraps itself in a cocoon. Once it wakes up it has beautiful wings and it is a butterfly. It must be patient and wait for it’s wings to dry before it flies away.

We made butterfly art by painting half a butterfly and then printing it on the other side of our paper. This made both wings¬†identical¬†just like a butterfly. That’s why they are so special!

Here is some of our artwork!

DSCN7698 DSCN7701 DSCN7702 DSCN7704 DSCN7706 DSCN7707 DSCN7708 DSCN7713 DSCN7714 DSCN7715 DSCN7718 DSCN7727 DSCN7733 DSCN7734 DSCN7740 DSCN7743

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