Year 2 – School Councillor

Year 2 are very excited to find out who our School Councillors will be. The children presented their manifestos to the class and then everyone completed the secret vote.

We are now all looking forward to this weeks assembly when our School Council representatives will be announced.

DSCN7746 DSCN7748 DSCN7750 DSCN7752 DSCN7753 DSCN7756 DSCN7757 DSCN7761 DSCN7764 DSCN7766 DSCN7768 DSCN7899 DSCN7904 DSCN7907 DSCN7908 DSCN7912 DSCN7915 DSCN7917 DSCN7918 DSCN7920

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