European Day of Languages – Year 2

Year 2 loved European Day of Languages. We focussed on France. The children began by learning some facts about the country. They then listened to the story “Noah’s Ark” in French and then had a go at reading parts of the story themselves. From this the children learnt some of the French vocabulary for animals and colours. Mrs Innerdale came into class and she taught us some French songs. Our day ended by tasting some delicious French foods! We all had a fun day!

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2 Responses to European Day of Languages – Year 2

  1. It is lovely to see what they have been doing.
    Maya just sang me the song in french.
    Maya enjoyed the french food, she said “it was delicious”.

  2. It’s great to see all of the children enjoying themselves ! Isaac loved the songs -we’ve enjoyed the performances at home too !

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