Year 2 have been using centimetre rulers and tape measures to measure various things around the classroom. The children began by measuring some small objects around the classroom. They then worked in small groups to measure their heights and finally the children worked well in pairs to measure different parts of their bodies …

DSCN8629 DSCN8633 DSCN8634 DSCN8635 DSCN8639 DSCN8640 DSCN8641 DSCN8642 DSCN8713 DSCN8716 DSCN8719 DSCN8720 DSCN8723 DSCN8730 DSCN8732 DSCN8733 DSCN8735 DSCN8736 DSCN8746 DSCN8747 DSCN8761 DSCN8763 DSCN8768 DSCN8772

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