What a striking team!


Yesterday we took part in a striking and fielding event at St Thomas More, Blaydon. The event was for KS1 pupils and we were lucky enough to be selected to compete as a team alongside 7 other schools in the area. As a team we engaged in 7 different activities which all centered around the actions of throwing and catching. The aim of each challenge was to collect as many points from the activity as we could.

In our favourite challenge we were asked to each take a bean bag and aim for a hoop placed on the ground. We took our time to throw the bean bag into the hoops. With each beanbag that landed in a hoop we were awarded points for our team. The harder to reach hoops were worth more points than the hoops closer to us. As a team we took turns and had a go at aiming for the hoop close to us and the hoops further away.

We had such a great afternoon at the competition and although we didn’t win we had so much fun and we have really improved are catching and throwing skills!


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  1. Livia had a great time taking part in the Striking & Fielding Challenge at St Thomas More and hopes to take part in more sporting activities. It was great to see the kids all helping and supporting each other through all of the different activities. Well done to each and every one of them and also the teachers who helped out.

  2. I loved taking part of the great easy and hard things. Even though we didn’t win, I am still glad I went there. It was super.

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