A Chair made of Sponge?

Year 2 continued their Material Science topic this week by looking at suitability of materials.

We played a guessing game where we had to guess the material by describing it. Then, we investigated a range of materials to see if we could: bend them, twist them, stretch them or squash them. We recorded our results and talked about how strange it would be if we had objects made of materials that were not suitable.

We found some of the ideas hilarious! Imagine a chair made of sponge. A pair of glasses made of wood. A cup made of feathers! We use different materials because all things have different uses!


DSCN9915 DSCN9916 DSCN9920 DSCN9921 DSCN9922 DSCN9923 DSCN9926 DSCN9929 DSCN9930 DSCN9931

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