Paul Klee Inspired Art

Paul Klee Inspired Art

Year 2 have been looking at some of Paul Klee’s art work, especially his painting titled “The Face”. The children noted that Paul Klee used lots of bright colours in his work and he often split these up into warm and cold colours.

The children decided to use this style of painting to try to create their own version of Florence Nightingales face.

DSCN9445 DSCN9444 DSCN9443 DSCN9442 DSCN9441 DSCN9440 DSCN1415 DSCN1423 DSCN9428 DSCN9429 DSCN9430 DSCN9432 DSCN9433 DSCN9435 DSCN9436 DSCN9437 DSCN9438 DSCN9439

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