Sorting Seaside Photographs into Very Long Ago – Today

Sorting Seaside Photographs into Very Long Ago – Today

This week Year 2 have been looking at seaside photographs. The children had to try to sort the pictures into 3 groups; Today, Long Ago and Very Long Ago. The children found it quite easy to find the photographs from today because they were in colour, the people were wearing shorts and t-shirts and they played with plastic buckets and spades. However it was quite difficult to split the black and white¬†photos into ‘Long Ago’ and the ‘Very Long Ago’. When the children looked very closely, they noticed that some had people wearing very long dresses and smart suits ,these belonged to the ‘Very Long Ago’ group. The other photos were in black and white but the children noticed that their clothes were getting a little bit shorter and they were starting to wear some swim suits in some.

The children worked really well in groups and discussed their ideas well in their groups …

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