Colour Mixing – Kandinsky’s Concentric Circles

Colour Mixing – Kandinsky’s Concentric Circles

Year 2 have been looking at the work of the famous Russian artist  Wassily Kandinsky. We looked carefully at his painting ‘Concentric Cicles’. The children liked all the bright colours he used and thought it looked like a patchwork with lots of squares of circles. Together we decided that we would create our own.

First the children drew some concentric circles onto a square piece of paper. They started with one colour, painting the centre of the circle with this.  The children then gradually mixed another colour to this colour painting each circle with the new colour they had made. The children were very excited to see the new colours. Each child’s square of colour mixing have been placed together to create ‘Year 2’s Colour Mixing Concentric Circles’.

The finished piece looks fantastic. Well done Year 2!

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    • Wassily Kandinsky was born on 16th December 1866 and died on 13th December 1944 (aged 77). He was born in Moscow in Russia. I like “Shallow Deep” because it looks like parachutes in the night.

  1. Wassily Wassilyevich Kandinsky was a Russian painter and art theorist.
    He is credited with painting one of the first recognised purely abstract works. Born in Moscow, Kandinsky spent his childhood in Odessa, where he graduated at Grekov Odessa Art school. Successful in his profession— Kandinsky began painting studies (life-drawing, sketching and anatomy) at the age of 30.He died at Neuilly-sur-Seine in 1944 after moving to France, where he lived for the rest of his life, becoming a French citizen in 1939 and producing some of his most prominent art.

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