New Beginnings Collective Worship

New Beginnings Collective Worship

To end our unit on ‘New Beginnings’ Year 2 planned and led a collective worship. The children thought about how they could gather and set up their own focal point. They then picked the creation as their scripture reading. Following this the children talked about new beginnings they have made and especially thought about the new beginning in Year 2. The children chose to place things linked to this on the focal point. Finally the children thought about what they were going to try to achieve in Year 2. They wrote this on a star which is hung on our class tree. The also shared this as they placed a photo on the focal point.

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  1. Collective Worship is very important and to think about your new beginnings and friendships in year 2. Keep focused on what you are about to achieve in year 2 and you will all achieve it together. Remember your star that has your achievements wrote on it and where it is hung on your class tree with the photo on your focal point. By remembering what you set out to achieve will help you grow stronger together. This is very important in collective worship.

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