Hartlepool Quays – Land Ahoy!

Hartlepool Quays – Land Ahoy!

Year 2 had a fantastic day at Hartlepool Quays on Friday. The children came dressed as pirates and had great fun exploring HMS Trincomalee. The children were able to learn about what life was like on the ship and understood that every journey took a very long time. To travel from India to England took 5 months. The children were able to see the cabins, the captains cabin, the barrels where they stored their food and drink, the area where they ate, the hammocks they slept in, the cooks stove, the helm and the toilets!

The children then visited a play area where they could have a go at making their a barrel, sleep in a hammock, have a go at sliding along a mast and various other fun games and activities.

Following lunch, the children were then very lucky to have a gun firing demonstration and then had a go at sketching HMS Troncomalee. It was a very busy, fun filled day and everyone had a GREAT time!

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