Signs and Symbols Collective Worship

Signs and Symbols Collective Worship

This week the children planned and led their own collective worship about Signs and Symbols.

The children decided that we needed to have a white focal point to symbolise the white garment that the baby wears at a Baptism service. The children began by entering the room and blessing themselves with holy water – showing that they are ready to start to pray with Jesus.

The scripture passage the children chose was ‘John the Baptist baptises Jesus’. The children understood that in the the story we heard that people who were baptised became followers of God and their sins were forgiven. The children know that when a baby is baptised the are pure and clean – their sins are also forgiven.

In response to the reading the children therefore placed a pebble into the holy water and asked God to forgive them for something they have done wrong.

They ended the worship by singing ‘Share the light’

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