Class collective worship – Forgiveness – Year 3

Today the theme of today’s worship was Forgiveness.

In our RE lessons, we have thought about the ways in which Jesus was the perfect example to follow if we want to be good Christians.

Jesus was a great example of a person who can forgive, time and time again.

We shared the story of Zacchaeus and thought about how living a dishonest life made him sad.

DSCF2317 DSCF2316

We set out our focal point with a purple cloth to represent sorrow for the bad choices we may have made.

Following the Gospel reading, we  had some quiet reflection time and thought about the times when we have made the wrong choices and said our own prayers for God’s forgivness.

We passed around the stone and if we wanted to could share our thoughts with the group.

We finished the worship with some prayers asking for help to make the correct choices.

DSCF2322 DSCF2324 DSCF2326

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