Forces in action

Year Three have been investigating forces this half term.

We have been finding out how different forces cause things to move and stop.

We came up with an experiment to investigate why cars, planes, trains and other vehicles have curved fronts.

We know wind resistance can slow things down and we predicted that if the front of a vehicle was tall and flat, it would slow down quickly.

First we used a Newton Meter to make sure an equal force was used to ‘launch the cars’. We went outside to see which amount force would be sensible to use.

We set up a launching system using an elastic band and a chair!

DSCF2311 DSCF2303 DSCF2306 DSCF2310

We decided on a force of 5 Newtons. Next we went into the hall to carry out our experiement on a flat surface.

IMG_0575 IMG_0568 IMG_0554


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