A taste for bridges

Year Three were set a challenge today – to build a bridge…from food!

The children, inspired by Brunel, set to work designing their bridges. Unlike Brunel, they had very limited resources and a lot less time!

The children worked really well in teams and managed to build some fantastic bridges!

Miss White was very impressed and awarded prizes to the hardworking engineers.

DSCF3491 DSCF3492 DSCF3493 DSCF3442 DSCF3443 DSCF3444 DSCF3446 DSCF3452 DSCF3453 DSCF3454 DSCF3457 DSCF3459 DSCF3462 DSCF3463 DSCF3473 DSCF3478 DSCF3484 DSCF3487 DSCF3489 DSCF3490

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