Preparing for Pentecost

Year Three have started their new RE topic ‘Energy’. To begin the topic, the children were asked to think about the power and energy of wind and fire.

The children thought about the dangers of Wind and Fire but also how they can be useful. The children also made links to the story of Pentecost and the Holy Spirit.

The children all made a dove, a symbol of the holy spirit and attached flames, on which they wrote to God asking for guidance and support from the Holy Spirit.

The doves will hang in our classroom throughout the topic as a sign that the Holy Spirit is always in our presence.

DSCF3371 DSCF3372 DSCF3373 DSCF3374 DSCF3375 DSCF3377 DSCF3378 DSCF3379 DSCF3380 DSCF3381 DSCF3382 DSCF3383

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