Making a shaduf

In our outdoor lesson this week, we were challenged to make a shaduf.

We have been learning about Ancient Egyptians as part of our new creative curriculum topic.


shaduf 1shaduf 3

We found out that a shaduf was used by the Ancient Egyptians to access water from the River Nile to be used for farming and watering crops. 

The shaduf enabled water to be collected from a low point and transferred to a high point on the river bank.

How do you think our attempts compare to the Eqyptians? We had to use lots of skills developed through our outdoor sessions this year.

IMG_1162 IMG_1158 IMG_1160

We found some good resources in the school grounds.

IMG_1178 IMG_1159 IMG_1165 IMG_1166 IMG_1169 IMG_1174


We set to work on our designs – some groups made mini versions first as a trial.

We used our lashing skills to create bigger structures – and were able to make a successful shaduf, picking up a bucket of water!

IMG_1186 IMG_1189 IMG_1163 IMG_1166 IMG_1167 IMG_1179 IMG_1181


Some of us added weight to one end to make the bucket easier to lift – a method used by the Egyptians!

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