Becoming a scientist…

This week we have started a new scientific experiment! We are conducting an experiment to investigate what a plant needs to survive. We discussed what a ‘fair test’ meas and what we would have to control to make our test fair. As a class we decided that each plant could only have one changing variable and everything else must remain the same. Firstly we potted 5 identical plants, then in our groups we were assigned a plant and its variable. We named all of our plants and designed a table so that we could record the results of the experiment each day.



Plant 1- Daisy

(in plastic wallet)

 + light

+ water

+ heat

-no air 

Plant 2- Sally

+ light

-no water

+ heat

+ air

Plant 3- Frosty 

(in the fridge)



– no heat


Plant 4- Gabriel

(in the cupboard)

– no light




Every day we check the plants and record anything that we notice changing. On day 3 we noticed that some of the leaves began to turn yellow, the stem of the flower started to bend and the petals are loosing their colour.

Plant 5 – Jeff

Jeff is the plant who has:





Jeff still looks like a healthy plant.

We can’t wait to see what happens to our plants over the weekend.

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  1. I love this experement it’s lovely having 1 plant per table. I hope the blue tables [the table I sit on for sience and creative criculam] plant Gabriel is ok and gas not died. Thanks for being lovely teachers Mrs Robinson and miss Wilson.:-)

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