Green Fingers!

To continue our work on plants we were all given the opportunity to grow our own cress and sunflower seeds. From this we hope to be able to compare the conditions that specific plants need to grow. We also hope that we will be able to see how long it takes plants to grow and whether all plant grow at the same rate or if some grow faster than others.

Growing Cress

We learnt that cress was easy to grow and we found out that we didn’t even need to plant them in soil! First we made a layer of paper towel in the small pot. Then we soaked cotton wool, placed it in the small pot and then we sprinkled the cress seeds in. Once they were all planted we placed the cress seeds into a bag and placed them into a dark cupboard. We are going to check our cress next week as we expect to see that the cress has grown


Growing sunflowers.

From looking at the sunflower seeds we could see that they were much bigger and therefore they required a larger pot for planting. We found out that unlike the cress seeds the sunflower seeds did require compost to grow. We think that the sunflowers will take longer to grow than the cress seeds and we think it could take up to 3 weeks! For now we are regularly watering the sunflowers and we cant wait to see them grow!


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