What’s the answer?

Welcome back everyone, we hope you have all had a great Christmas break. What an excellent start to 2016 we have had here in year 3. We are settling back into our school routine and we are really looking forward to this term.


Today we have been using Dienes and other counting tools to aid us in our mental arithmetic. In pairs and small groups we were asked to think of sums to ask our partner. We used 3 digit numbers to really test our maths skills. We looked at the place value of numbers and looked for a solution to help us to add up these large numbers. By using the Dienes we were able to count out the value of hundreds, tens and one’s of each sum and combine the total value of the sums. Some of us found that we were left with many ones or tens. From this we discovered that we were able to exchange some of the smaller valued cubes for larger ones. Exchanging the cubes meant that it was easier for us calculate the total of the sum. We read from the hundreds to the ones. Each time one of us correctly answered the sum we were awarded one point, however many of us had so much fun using the Dienes and counters we didn’t keep score and just enjoyed helping and encouraging each other as a team!




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  1. This was awesome to be part of this PARTICULAR maths lesson. I enjoy every maths lesson really, maths is my fave subject

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