This term our topic has been ‘Flow’. We have been looking at the journey of a river and bridges, using water colours to paint and have been writing our own water poems. Today we popped on our walking shoes and headed off on a class walk to Newburn. We left school and made our way down to the river, our first stop was by Newburn bridge.


As we continued our walk across the bridge we were all given 5 minutes to find a stick so that we could create a story stick. We each tied a rubber band around the stick and as we walked we collected leaves, berries, ivy and blossom to add to our story stick. Hopefully this will remind us of some of the things we came across today.


When we finally stopped we all took a clipboard and had to draw what we could see. We sketched the river and the embankments. It was certainly a challenge. As we made our way back along the river we all looked at the meandering river and we even came across a small waterfall! We had such a brilliant morning, but could now do with a nap!



Happy half term Year 3. You’ve worked really hard, have a lovely holiday!

Mrs Robinson and Miss Wilson.


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  1. Thanks for all that fun. That was so interesting and great. This is definitely something to remember forever! Thanks for showing my story stick, Miss Wilson the log did really did make itself a home I even named my log Ben.

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