Comparing Britain and Italy


In creative curriculum we have been learning all about the Romans and so in geography we have been looking at the Roman Empire and of course Italy! Last week we really started to explore Italy, its landmarks and culture. At first we started by looking at a map of the world and identified Italy. We then took a closer look and looked at cities in Italy like Rome, Milan and Venice. In small groups we researched some key information all about Italy. Some of us looked at the landscape and land marks and some of us looked at food.

This week we looked at the top things to see and do in Rome. Miss Wilson has actually lived there and gave us a local insight to the heart of the city. We had the opportunity to use the computer suite to research these landmarks. Some groups made a leaflet suggesting what to see and do in Rome and others made a ‘walking tour’ of what they would choose to see in Rome and why.

Now we are all experts on Italy and Roma and would love to visit this ancient city!

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