Cook Like an Egyptian

As part of our topic on ancient Egypt, we learnt how to make bread just like the ancient Egyptians did by following some instructions.

We started by mixing the yeast with some warm water.  Then we measured out the flour and gradually added it to the yeast with some salt.  Once it was all mixed together, we covered it and set it aside in a warm place.  We waited for the yeast to work and the mixture to double in size, which took about 40 minutes.
IMG_0560  IMG_0562   IMG_0563  

After that, we split the dough into small balls and then used the palm of our hands to flatten the dough into small flat bread.  We then had to cook the bread for about 6 minutes.  As the bread was cooking, there was a lovely smell and then finally we could taste it – It was delicious!

IMG_0570 IMG_0569

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