Year 3 trip to the Hancock Museum

In our creative curriculum lessons we have been learning about Ancient Egypt. We have: made our own timelines following the events of the time; looked at hieroglyphics; studied and recreated an image of Tutankhamun and created a project which we presented to the class. Visiting the Hancock Museum gave us the chance to be able to see some real ancient Egyptian artifacts and to learn even more interesting facts. We were lucky enough to be given a box of Egyptian activities to help us explore the exhibit.

DSCF4502   DSCF4496   DSCF4491  DSCF4507

One of the challenges asked us to construct a pyramid with lego bricks. Another was to find the section of the exhibit which looked at the role of a priest in ancient Egypt, in groups we talked about how a priest then was different to a priest that we know now. Some of us even got the chance to dress up like a high priest draped in Jaguar print.

                       IMG_0527                IMG_0544

We had a lovely time, learnt so much and can’t wait for our next visit here.

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