How could we share that?

What other way can we say divide? Our class have been looking at dividing, or sharing as it’s sometimes called.


We found out that our times tables will really help us with dividing and that sometimes there are remainders.

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  1. Now that I have practiced I know that there is remainders and most of the time would be an exact number.I know that you can always check by doing the inverse wich is timesing.Sometimes you can check by setting it out in an array,wait no you can’t.You can also check by drawing out,so if I said thirty seven divided by twelve equals and you weren’t sure you could check by drawing out 12 circles and putting in each one in them and repeating it.

  2. Dividing remainders with big numbers was hard,like 15÷7=2r1 and normal sums like 96÷8=12.
    It was very boring!!! (Boring means fun in our class)

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