Segedenum visit

We started the day off doing a workshop on the life of a Roman soldier.  We experienced what a Roman soldier would have worn, it was very heavy! We did some dressing up, Mr Pickard looked great!  We also learnt the promise that the soldiers made and heard about the passwords, practised our marching and some fighting techniques.


After lunch we looked at some artefacts, some of which had actually been found at this site.  There were coins, pans and a vase.  Some of us even played some of the same games that Roman soldiers would have played.  We looked at models of the fort and worked out what the different parts were.

Then we went outside and explored the fort. It would have taken a lot of men a long time to build this fort and the small part of the wall that we could see.  At Segedenum they have also built a small section of the wall to show people how big and wide it actually was, we climbed to the top, it was huge!

We talked about the different human and physical features that we could see there and then, and also what it would have been like during real Roman times.  We also discussed what this place has been used for since the Roman times.  Did you know they used to make ships there? We thought about how different people would have made this a very different place.  We tried to use the pulleys and carry the big wooden buckets, which the men would have used to work the land.  They were very heavy!

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  1. It looks like you had an amazing trip to Segedunum! I would have loved to come along with you guys. Miss Suddick told me to say hello 🙂

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