Roman Mosaics

As part of their topic, Year 3 have been learning about Roman mosaics. The children created their own versions as part of their outdoor learning. They chose something special to create the mosaic about and then used natural materials to do so.

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  1. Hi Mrs Bishop,
    I miss you. I have been enjoying the work that you have set me and in Geography I have been learning about volcanoes and I did an experiment to make my own volcano erupt. I had a cup of water and I added some baking soda and washing up liquid and mixed it. Then I added some vinegar and watched it explode. I then wrote about my experiment and it was really fun!
    I hope you have a lovely Easter holiday!
    Love from

    • Wow Isabella – your volcano sounds amazing! I wish I had seen it, I hope you got some photos.
      I am pleased you are still writing, I bet your recount was brilliant!
      Enjoy your Easter and hope to see you all soon.
      Mrs Bishop

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