Year 3 Home Learning – Tuesday 17th November

Good morning Year 3.

Thank you very much for sending me your work. I am really enjoying receiving and reading through it. I can see you are all working incredibly hard, well done.


This week we will carry on using our short film, Marshmallow. You can watch it again here –

Yesterday you started looking at the creature in the film in more detail. You gathered lots of facts about  so you could begin to create a report. Today, you will write three paragraphs focusing on the following:

  • The Mallodile’s appearance
  • Where the Mallodile lives
  • The Mallodile’s diet and predator skills

Before you begin your paragraphs, I would like you to look at the English Extra sheet 1. Read through the two paragraphs. Can you suggest subheadings for them? This will help you focus your paragraph writing skills. Make sure all of the information links together, you could use subheadings too if you wish. If you would like to include more information in an additional paragraph, please do.

English Extra 171120


Today, I would like you to use your four times tables to answer a variety of questions. This is very similar to the task you completed on Thursday when you used the three times tables to solve problems and you all did so well on that that I think you will be fine.

Complete the worksheet below and don’t forget to send it to me when you are done.

Maths 171120


I would like you to begin by reading through the information about Baptism.

RE Page 1 RE page 2

When you have done this I would like you to think about the following questions:

  • Why do you think that a white garment is used?
  • What is the significance of lighting the child’s candle from the Easter candle?
  • What do you think it means to walk always as a child of the light?
  • What words of blessing would you want to use for the parents?

Using all of the information you have learned about Baptism, please make a poster using words or pictures showing all of the ways you can let your light shine brightly.

You could do this either on paper or on a computer if you have access to one. I look forward to seeing what you create.


Mrs Innerdale would like you to carry on learning French this week. Please click on the link and download it onto your device and save it. You should be able to view it as a slideshow and listen to Mrs Innerdale talking to you by clicking on the sound pictures. There is a lot of work on there, please just complete as much as you can.!AtJYRmb13U8aikjyr0cakCRI9xTI?e=gemnbm


As we would normally have music today, I have set you an extra task which focuses on the beats in a bar. We have discussed this during our lessons when we have been using the glockenspiels. Hopefully this will help you further when we return to practicing our new song in class.

Watch this video and follow along.

Thank you again for continuing to send me your work. If I have not yet called then I will be in touch soon, please remind your mums and dads that my calls will come from a withheld number.

Mrs Bishop

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    • Hello Amie, I am really pleased you enjoyed the work and have seen how hard you have been working on it. Well done. Mrs Bishop

    • I think that means you have worked very hard on it. There was a lot of writing for English today. Well done for getting it all done. Mrs Bishop

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