Year 3 Home Learning – Friday 20th November

Good morning Year 3,

Happy Friday, I hope you all have a  lovely weekend. It is nearly time for us to all return and I am very excited to see you all.


Today you will begin to write your narrative based upon the Marshmallow clip. Don’t get carried away as the rest is broken down for Monday’s task.

The story should be written in the third person.

Read the two English Extra sheets. What do you notice? Which do you think is better? Why? Focus on how the sentences begin. Make a list of some good sentence openers which might help you later.

Using the work you did in lessons 1 and 2, I would like you to write a powerful opening paragraph. This will set the scene for the rest of your story. You all have some wonderful work already, it is just about editing it to make it into the third person and adding in some really powerful language.

When you have finished writing your opening paragraph, re-read sheet 2 in the English Extra pack. Think about how the creature is mentioned. Look at how the boy is mentioned- the boy, the young boy, the child, the young boy-scout. This is to avoid repetition. Make sure you look back at your work from previous lessons to help you to write during today’s lesson.

We will now begin to write paragraph 2. This will be your first action sequence which you began in yesterday’s work. Do not go past 23s in the video Marshmallow today, we will continue to build on this tomorrow. Really focus on your use of preposition phrases and a variety of sentence openers.

English Extra 201120


Now you have worked on your 8 times tables for multiplying, today we will move on to division. Please use the same strategies you have been using since we began using the 8 times tables on Wednesday. Here is a reminder of different ways you can work with your 8 times tables:

  • You could use objects such as cubes and group them into 8s (although you will need a lot of objects for this).
  • You could add on 8 each time, for example, 8 x 3 = 8 + 8 + 8 = 24.
  • You could use your 4 times tables, then double it, for example, 4 x 3 = 12, 12 x 2 = 24.
  • You could draw circles and put dots inside them – just make sure you check you have included the correct number of dots in each circle. For example, 8 x 3 = 3 circles, each containing 8 dots or 8 circles each containing 3 dots. Add all of the dots together showing 8 x 3 = 24
  • You could use an array to help you, for example, 3 rows, showing 8 in each row is 8 x 3 = 24
  • You could also use your existing knowledge as I know you know your 2, 3, 4, 5 and 10 times tables so if 3 x 8 = 24 then 8 x 3 also = 24.

Remember division is the inverse (opposite) of multiplication. If you have a question 8 x ? = 24 then you will make groups of 8 and count until you get to 24. How many did you count? You should have the answer of 3.

Don’t forget you can join in practicing your tables with this song too.

I have attached both the question and answer sheet today, I would like you to try your best to work out the answer, when you are finished please look through your work. If you have made any mistakes, try and work out where you might have gone wrong. This will help you with your calculations in the future.

Maths 201120

Answers Maths 201120

Guided Reading

Today, I have set you a guided reading with a difference. You are going to explore all about a robot called Butler-Bot. Remember to read through the question types carefully and the questions to make sure you answer them correctly.

Guided Reading 201120


Today, I would like you to watch this video.

You are going to have a go at drawing small objects. You will need some paper, a pencil and a range of small objects. This activity will really help you with your sketching skills.

Your challenge is to draw a collection of tiny objects – by tiny I mean things which are roughly the size of a five pence piece – things like small shells, pebbles, leaves, beads, screws, anything you can find around the house and garden (Popcorn is really good).

Start by scattering the objects over a large, clean sheet of paper. Take a sharp pencil (this gives you all the opportunity to sharpen your pencils, I know how much you enjoy this), make sure you are near to the objects so that you can really see all their detail.

Begin by making sketches on the page, amongst the objects themselves. You should be making tiny movements with your fingers and hands – drawing from the wrist, using loose movements.

I am really looking forward to seeing your sketches.


Youth Friday

Today is Youth Friday, please watch the film, reflecting on your own experiences.

When you have finished the video, I would like you to carry out the collective worship which thinks about Youth Sunday, the feast of Christ the King.

Loving like Jesus

collective Worship 201120

Don’t forget to keep practicing your spellings too, we will test these on Friday.

  • mouth
  • around
  • sprout
  • sound
  • spout
  • ouch
  • hound
  • trout
  • outside
  • found

I hope you all have a lovely weekend. See you next week!!!

Mrs Bishop

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