Year 3 Home Learning – Monday 23rd November

Good morning Year 3,

We are finally on the last day of home learning. I am very excited to return to school tomorrow and see you all there. For today, you have 4 jobs to keep you going today, don’t forget to send me your finished work.


Today you will be completing your sections of narrative based upon Marshmallows. You will stop your story at the point where the creature has eaten all of the marshmallows from the bag.

Watch the clip from 23s to 1m07s. This is the part you will write today.

Look at English Extra sheet 1. Write down a sentence to describe each change. Number 1 has been completed for you.

Once your sentences are complete, look at how to build them together into a paragraph. Look at how to combine elements such as, Suddenly, the creature began to pant (rather like a dog) and at the same time his tail began wagging in a friendly motion. Use this to help you write paragraph 3 which should be about the change in the creature.

The final paragraph will be about the creature eating the marshmallows. Watch from 38s to 1m07s. On a piece of paper make a note of how we know that the creature likes the marshmallows e.g. eating them quickly, doing tricks. This last paragraph needs to be written as an action sequence paragraph (re-look at Tuesday’s work to remind yourself about how to do this). End your paragraph by leaving the reader wondering what happens when they reach the last marshmallow.

Finally, look back at your work. We are going to use the SURPRISES method to edit our writing. Use English Extra sheet 2 to guide you. When editing your work, try to do it in a different colour so you can clearly see where you have made your own work even better.

English Extra 231120


Excellent work using your 8 times tables for both multiplication and division. I have been very impressed with your hard work. Make sure you keep using the strategies you created on Wednesday, these will help to make sure you answer the questions correctly as you can re-check your working out.

Watch this video before you begin your worksheet. Remember to pause when needed to complete the tasks asked.

I have attached both the questions and answers again – no peeking at the answers until you have attempted all of the questions. When you have finished, mark your work but if you have made any mistakes, try to work out where you went wrong. Don’t forget to email me to let me know how you have done.

Maths 231120

Maths Answers 231120

Guided Reading

Today you will carry out a guided reading task focused on the Stone Age and the diet people had. Remember to check the type of question and read them through carefully before answering.

Guided Reading 231120


For your History task today, I would like you to look at the changes from the Stone Age to the Bronze Age. Please start by reading through the slides.

Bronze Age Information 231120

Fill the map with facts or pictures from your research and make links between any that have a connection. You could include questions you might research another day.

History Task 231120

Don’t forget to send me through your work.

I am very excited to see you all tomorrow!!!

Mrs Bishop

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