Year 3 Home Learning – Thursday 19th November

Good morning Year 3,

Thank you for continuing to send me your wonderful work. If I have not yet managed to call you, I will be in touch soon.


Today will be all about action sequences. These will be included in your story at the end of the week.

Watch the clip again and come up with as many noun-verb pairs as you can which would describe different elements of the scene (eg. Smoke rising, fire crackling)

Put yourself into the position of the character of the boy. To write a successful action sequence, you will need to create chains by linking several pieces of action into a sequence. Think about the outcome first, then re-wind to what happens before the final point. Try to choose powerful verbs and use a variety of sentence lengths to increase the tension.

Write an action sequence using the English Extra sheet to guide you. You need to use the following –

  • Noun-verb pairs
  • Small linked actions
  • Short snappy sentences
  • Powerful verb choices

Here is my example to help you –

With eyes glaring and teeth snarling, the creature rose upwards to a standing position behind the child sat by the fire. A twig snapped. Without hesitation, the young boy-scout whipped his head around and leapt from his seat, legs shaking. The marshmallow he had been toasting sat poised on the end of a stick and he thrust it towards the creature.

English Extra 191120


Today, you are going to carry on using your 8 times tables for multiplication. Remember all of the strategies you practiced yesterday, use these to help you.

Maths 191120


We are now coming to the end of our RE topic. Today, I would like you to complete the respond booklet. You are going to plan your own collective worship on the theme promises. Think carefully about which scripture you could use, how people will gather and what the message will be. I am going to use parts from these to plan a collective worship for next week so think carefully about what you are going to include.

Y3 Promises


We are going to carry on exploring different types of rocks today. You are going to think about the different properties of selected rocks. I want you to think about what kind of rock they are – linking back to the work you completed last week. You need to think about what the rock is made up of, the colour of the rock and any other interesting facts you can find out about them. Use the rock fact file to help you.


Science 191120


This week it is anti-bullying week. I would like you to create a hand of friendship, To do this you will need to draw around your hand. Once you have your hand print in front of you, please write on each finger something which you think makes a good friend.

Thank you for sending me your work, I am excited to see what you can find out about the different types of rocks.

Mrs Bishop

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