Stories with a dilemma

Today year 4 started a new genre in English – ‘Stories with a dilemma’.

First we discussed what a dilemma was and came up with some examples from our own experience.

Next we watched a short clip called ‘One man band’. We had to decide on the dilemma or dilemmas taking place and discussed how we would deal with them.

The story involves a young girl deciding what to do with a gold coin. Have a look for yourself, what would you do?

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We then used conscience alley and debated the decisions made within the clip. The children put up some very good arguments for and against!

DSCF3822 DSCF3823 DSCF3824 DSCF3825 DSCF3826 DSCF3828 DSCF3833 DSCF3823

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