Take a Walk Around the Edge

Year 4 have been looking at Perimeter in maths. To help us remember we learnt a little phrase – Take a Walk Around the Edge! We calculated the perimeter of rectangles and some regular polygons last week.

Today we had a question asked. What is the Perimeter of Key Stage 2? To find the answer we investigated by measuring the school building.  We split into two groups and measured the front and back of the building. To measure we used reel tape measures. We measured each wall, including those that made corners. When we came together in class, we added each group‘s results together to find the total perimeter. Most of our estimations were not close to the actual perimeter.

If you’re interested in finding out the perimeter of Key Stage 2 ask Year 4!

DSCF0757 DSCF0762  DSCF0764  DSCF0771DSCF0763DSCF0770


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