Van Gogh Starry Night

In topic we have been looking at mountains – often mountains are the inspiration for beautiful landscape paintings. In class we have looked at some famous mountain landscapes however we decided to use Vincent Van Gogh’s Starry night painting as a base for our art work.

We studied his use of lines and bright colours to produce our own pictures showing a mountainous background at night behind a sleepy village.

We talked about perspective and how the size of our features would give an impression of distance.

The children used oil based pastels and water colour paint to create some fantastic pieces of art which they can all be proud of.

Have a look at the original among our paintings – you may find it difficult to spot!

DSCF4047 DSCF4048 DSCF4049 DSCF4051 DSCF4052 DSCF4053 download Vincent_van_Gogh_-_Self-Portrait_-_Google_Art_Project DSCF3959 DSCF3960 DSCF3965 DSCF3966 DSCF3967 DSCF3968 DSCF3969 DSCF3970 DSCF3971 DSCF3972 DSCF3973 DSCF3975DSCF3974

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